The 5+1 best places in Thessaloniki to visit with your other half

Disclaimer: Our suggestions are for couples who enjoy romantic walks and are fans of good views!

Thessaloniki is not called “the most erotic city of Greece” by accident, as every corner hides innumerable treasures, that give you that “lovely feeling”.

The best places we picked for you:

1. Castles of Thessaloniki aka Kastra
Only a breath away from the city center you will find the iconic Castles of Thessaloniki, which are of particular historical importance to the city’s history. This area is considered by the locals to be the “king” of erotic shelters, as it is a must-visit place for a perfect bellavista. Choose one of the many small traditional shops serving local well-cooked appetizers or do it like the locals and choose a more alternative way to enjoy the view with a beer on the benches or the walls of the area. The most remarkable spot is Heptapyrgion, but following the walls, you can visit other quieter places, such as the Gardens of the Pasha or the Genti Koule.

2. Thessaloniki’s Port and Promenade
Well, here we go: the seafront, wooden promenades, cobbled little streets and 3 lovely museums! A magnificent setting for a relaxing walk for one or two! Recently refurbished, Thessalonikis’s Port, has gained a place in the hearts of the locals. Walking into the pier you will find people of all ages (lovers or groups), either relaxing or wandering around in one of the museums hosted in the area: the State Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Cinema and the Photography Museum of Thessaloniki or lying on the wooden sunlounges by the sea. At midday, dusk or under the moonlight, join the locals and enjoy it too!

3. Ladadika district
One of the most popular areas of Thessaloniki, Ladadika has been a trademark of Thessaloniki for decades. The area has a rich history as it was used as a central market and bazaar during the Ottoman rule. The name “Ladadika” comes from shops that existed in the area much earlier and sold various foods and oil. Today, Ladadika welcomes locals and foreigners all the time of the day, combining their picturesque beauty with the many quality food and drink options. The colors, the sounds, the flavors and the whole experience will give you a good idea of ​​what fun means for the city of Thessaloniki. Whatever your taste in music, as well as Greek or International cuisine, you will definitely be satisfied..

4. Seich Sou – Forest Theater
Our next suggestion is probably addressed to nature and art lovers. The Seich Sou is a 3,500-acre peri-urban forest, which is the largest green spot for Thessaloniki, as it hosts more than 277 different species of plants and overlooks the whole city. Inside Seich Sou you’ll find the open-air Forest Theater with almost 4,000 seats. When the theater does not host a show or concert, according to urban legend, it is the ideal place for confessions and special erotic moments. It is worth a visit, either for a morning jogging or for a stroll during the day.

5. Βeach of Kalamaria
Taking a short journey through the city and crossing the coastal road to the east within a radius of about 7 kilometers from the center of Thessaloniki, you’ll find our next hot-spot: the Krini area. On Kalamaria’s seafront (or Aretsou Beach), one’ll find of the city’s historic erotic shelters for all seasons. The view you get is breathtaking, especially if you visit after sunset with city lights on the horizon, creating a unique romantic setting. The wider area has been particularly vivid in the past, as the royal family’s summer palace is located in the area. After the walk, we suggest visiting one of the local bars or taverns which are famous for their seafood with a view to the marina.


5+1. Thessaloniki Concert Hall
We left you the best for the end. For those of you who have enjoyed your stroll on the beachfront, you have noticed the imposing building that dominates the eastern end of the pedestrian street. This is the Thessaloniki Concert Hall, which is not only famous for the concerts or the performances that hosts but also for its spectacular location, as it is in front of the sea in the area of ​​Poseidonio and its view is breathtaking. The architecture of the building and the surrounding area are distinguished for their elegance and their special character, uniting the Byzantine past of the city (Palace 1) with the future (Palace 2). For all these reasons it is an ideal location for couples and music lovers. In the restaurant-bar of the mansion, as well as, in the wider area you can enjoy your food or drink in a very idyllic landscape, “having Thessaloniki on your plate”.

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