Meet COLORS Urban Hotel | Casual 4 star services hotel in Thessaloniki
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our story

Starts as a hotel
, ends as a home

modern traveler / ˈmɒd(ə)n ˈtrav(ə)lə / A person who rumbles around the world, seeking answers in a smart way, in order to create living not staying experiences at their destination point. Just like you.

hotel philosophy

Our doors, minds and hearts are always open for all the curious, independent, looking-fun modern travelers of the world. Smart design, uniquely themed rooms, exceptionally central location, pay-what-you-use philosophy and honest pricing. That’s the DNA of COLORS Urban Hotel.

honest pricing

COLORS is game changer for hotels in Thessaloniki. Since the very beginning ,our aim has been to offer value-for-money accommodation and pay-what-you-use only comforts. At COLORS the world revolves around you, we prove this with our guest-centric approach and casual five-star service.


We are more than a room for a night. Our returning guests enjoy the benefits of the COLORISTA card. What are these?  The lowest possible rates, over the moon cocktails on the house and invites to local feasts.

ecology hotel

As a chain of hotels with high occupancy rates, we strive to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible, to enjoy the planet longer. Our guests use Fairtrade Fair Cosmetics, a cosmetic line of biodegradable ingredients in large dispensers thus avoiding a huge amount of plastic bottles daily. Most of our light bulbs are of LED technology for minimum energy consumption. We recycle paper, packaging, clothes, light bulbs and batteries.

social responsibility

COLORS supports Greek producers and the community by using local, fresh and traditional ingredients for our menus and giving back by donating to local organizations. We love the artistic community and host exhibitions in our hotels for new artists.


We pick the best locations to open COLORS. Our newest hotel addition is in the heart of Thessaloniki, 13 Tsimiski Str only a breath away from Aristotelous Square. Our other types of accommodation are located in the picturesque Ladadika and the vibrant Valaoritou, both minutes away from Tsimiski.

January 2012

COLORS Rooms & Apartments


June 2013

COLORS Central Ladadika

September 2016

COLORS Urban Hotel

Previously at COLORS Urban Hotel

Thessaloniki is a magical and colorful city. Most hotel families though are quiet, dull, serious, slow, they do not play and they make you feel alone and like a stranger. In the last five years though something changed. A very special Thessaloniki-born hotel family was created and their name was COLORS!

The COLORS family is true, well-traveled, friendly, warm and smart! When you go to their house, they make you feel like you’re at your own home. When you visit their neighborhood, they let you in in all the secrets, and you feel it’s your own neighborhood. You are never bored like in other rooms, because their rooms have everything, and all the rooms are different and colorful, and when the sleep is fantastic, the living is fantastic too.

The COLORS family has three children, each with a different character. The first COLORS was born in January 2012 in 21 Valaoritou Street. COLORS Rooms & Apartments enjoys boho comfort and cool. It boasts 15 themed apartments and is the first aparthotel in Thessaloniki.  In June 2013, the family welcomed COLORS Central, in 1 Oplopiou Street in Ladadika. COLORS Central likes the worldly life and the city center hustle and bustle, shopping and strolls. In October 2016, the family welcomed the leader of the group, COLORS Urban Hotel in 13 Tsimiski Street with 21 rooms, a cocktail bar and a massage spot. COLORS Urban Hotel is a fan of technology, the budget luxury, the novelty and of course the historic Tsimiski Street, the strongest vibe in the city.

And so the time passes and they live happily ever after. Have you never lived with them?

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tel: +30 2310 27 28 29