Trivia about Thessaloniki (Saloniki, Solun, Salonica)

  1. Other names for Thessaloniki are “The capital of Balkans” and “The Bride of Thermaikos Gulf”.
  2. Thessaloniki was originally built around 315BC.
  3. Thessaloniki is a principally young city. About 150,000 students and almost 50% of the inhabitants being below 35 years of age, makes the city the one with the bigger youth population across Europe.
  4. Thessaloniki is now situated on top of 4 other cities: the Hellenistic city, the Roman city, the Byzantine city and the Ottoman city. So, tread carefully!
  5. The name of the city comes from the name of Great Alexander’s favorite sister.
  6. Such a small country has the second largest length of coastline in Europe, (after Russia but lengthier than Gr. Britain)!
  7. The nearest swimmable beach is 15’ from the town center.
  8. Thessaloniki was voted as the 5th city in the world for nightlife by Lonely Planet.
  9. The Great Thessaloniki Fire in 1917 burnt the 2/3 of the city leaving 70,000 people homeless in just under 3 days! Almost the entire city had to be rebuilt, thus, contributing to its… patchy façade.
  10. In the beginning of the century, Thessaloniki was a major Jewish community, also called the “Jerusalem of the Balkans” and “Mother of Israel”.
  11. In the 60s-70s Thessaloniki was one of the world’s major centers of textile production.

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